Ecologists, Bees, and Flowers

Ecology is about nature and life. It is about the relationships between living things and their environment. Someone who studies ecology is an ecologist. An ecologist studies living things and the way they relate to their surroundings. One of these relationships is between bees and flowers.

Bees are attracted to the bright colors of flowers. Bees eat the flowers’ sweet nectar. Flowers are also full of pollen. Pollen is a substance that looks like dust. When a bee buzzes off, it carries some of the flower’s pollen away on its feet and wings. To make seeds, flowers must share their pollen with other flowers. Flowers do not have hands or feet or any other way to get their pollen to other flowers. So, they depend on bees and other insects to spread it for them.

Bees need the flowers in order to survive. The flowers need bees and other insects in order to survive. This is a perfect example of the kind of relationship ecologists like to study.