Creating Happy Accidents with Watercolors

Have you ever made a mistake while painting? If you use watercolors, there is no such thing as a mistake. There are only happy accidents! Artists painting with watercolors can use these accidents to create interesting paintings.

To use watercolors, wet your paintbrush with water. Then, stick your paintbrush in the watercolor paint. When water is combined with this special type of paint, the paint becomes see-through. Then, put your brush on the paper. Trace the shape you want to paint, or leave a blob on the paper. Look at how the watercolor paint behaves.

Watercolors can spread and flow on paper. Artists can layer watercolors to create different colors and shadows. Because watercolors are see-through, layering them can make lots of different shades.

Sometimes, painters must work quickly with watercolors. It is hard to change the painting once the water dries. Artists must stay focused while painting. Still, sometimes happy accidents happen. Sometimes, the paint flows more than the artist thinks it will. Maybe the watercolor paints mix in a way the artist didn’t think they would. Sometimes the paint drips down the page. These accidents are exciting for a lot of artists. It makes their painting unique. They use their creativity to make the most of those drips and drops. And in the end, they create beautiful watercolor paintings for us all to enjoy!