Oil Painting

When an artist paints, he or she can choose from so many types of paint! One paint type that has been used for thousands of years is oil paint. To make oil paint, a person combines dry colored powder with oil. When an artist mixes the oil and powder together, he or she creates a smooth paint.

A long time ago, people loved to create oil paintings. They would get the oil from walnuts or poppies (red flowers). A lot of artists would use oil paint to paint many layers on a single painting. These layers created different shades of color. They helped create light and shadows in the painting. The layers also would make the people and things in the painting look more real.

One famous painter from long ago was Jan van Eyck. He used oil paints for his paintings. He would paint in layers. Because of his technique, his paintings are often filled with beautiful, bright colors.

Today, artists do not use oil paints as much. One popular type of paint artists use is acrylic paint. Acrylic paints dry quicker and can be painted over more easily. You can find different types of paint in your local craft store.

Take a look at an oil painting. Maybe the painting has shadows made by oil paint.