The Great Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeests are large mammals that live in Africa. Wildebeests are sturdy animals with large heads and curved horns. They weigh between 265 pounds and 600 pounds. Most of their days are spent looking for food. Wildebeests are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants and grasses. They do not eat meat. Unfortunately for wildebeests, not all animals are herbivores. Some animals are carnivores. Carnivores, like lions and cheetahs, eat other animals. Lions and cheetahs find wildebeests delicious and often hunt and kill them.

Wildebeests are always moving, though. They move where they think grass and water will be. Since wildebeests usually don’t stay in one place, lions and cheetahs have a harder time finding them. Wildebeests can also travel quickly for many miles. In fact, wildebeests are famous for traveling long distances. Around 1.7 million wildebeests travel from Tanzania to Kenya every year. This is called the “Great Wildebeest Migration.” Migration is when a group of animals moves from one place to another.

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