Spray Painting

Have you ever seen graffiti on buildings? A lot of times, graffiti is created with a special kind of paint. That paint is called spray paint.

Many artists use spray paint to make large pieces of artwork. Sometimes, they use spray paint on the walls of buildings. Other times, they use spray paint on canvases. A canvas is a cloth that is stretched over a frame. It is used for many kinds of painting.

There are many different types of spray paint. Most spray paints are easy to use, and cover a lot of space quickly! The most common types of spray paint come in a can. You press a button on top of the can to spray the paint onto a surface. When artists use spray paint from a can, they can get a smooth and even coat of color onto something quickly.

George Lee Quiñones is a famous artist that is known for spray painting. He first started by spray painting subway cars in New York City. He even spray painted a handball court! A lot of his paintings are now in many famous museums. Many modern artists love to use spray paint to express themselves!