Peach Boy Is a Hero

“Peach Boy” is a Japanese folk tale. In it, an old woman sees a giant peach in a river. She catches it and brings it home to her husband. Inside, they find a baby boy!

The couple names the child Momotaro. That means “Peach Boy.” The old man and woman raise him as their son. Peach Boy grows up to be strong. He fights demons that threaten his town. He beats the demons. He returns home to take care of his parents.

Children in Japan know this story very well. It has been told for hundreds of years. For a long time, the story was not written down. People told it to each other. They shared it with their children.

People like the lessons the story tells. Peach Boy is kind and strong. He is brave. He helps his mother and father. He saves his town.

Today, there is a statue of Peach Boy in Okayama. That is a city in Japan. Okayama has Peach Boy museums and a Momotaro Airport. It has a Momotaro street. Every year, it has a Momotaro festival. And it has plenty of peach farms. Okayama loves Peach Boy!