Tag Team

Sylvie and Phoebe looked at the new girl. She had been watching them since they got to the park. She was different. Sylvie worried that she wanted to join their game of tag.

Sylvie and Phoebe loved chasing each other. They’d go around and around the playground… fast! Sylvie pushed the silver wheels on her red wheelchair. Red was her favorite color. Phoebe’s wheelchair was yellow. That was her favorite color.

The two girls could go so fast in their chairs. Sometimes it felt like they were flying! They didn’t know how anyone without wheels could keep up.

Sylvie and Phoebe rolled to the tree. They were ready to play.

Suddenly, the new girl spoke to them. “Hey,” she said. “I’m Becca.”

They looked at Becca. “You have wheels, too?” Phoebe asked.

“Yeah! That’s my bike,” said Becca. She pointed to a red bicycle on a rack. “Red is my favorite color.”

Sylvie smiled. “Mine, too!” she said. Then she asked, “Do you want to play tag?”

“Sure,” Becca said. “I’ll use my wheels!”