Refugees and Immigrants

Every day, people leave behind their homes in search of better lives. Some of them are immigrants. Immigrants are people who go to other countries to live there permanently. Many immigrants are looking for better jobs. Some eventually become citizens of their new country.

Some people leave their home country because they are in danger. These people are refugees. Refugees are people who have left their country to escape war or other forms of violence. They have no choice but to leave. Some people travel hundreds of miles on boats or by foot to get to safer countries. They cannot go back to their home country until it is safe there. How do they settle in their new, temporary home?

Governments and organizations help refugees settle in their new homes. For example, Refugees International is one organization that helps refugees all over the world. One of Refugees International’s special programs helps women and children in unsafe places. Another program helps refugees find work in their new homes.

People can help refugees through organizations like Refugees International. There are also other ways people can help refugees. People who speak two or more languages can help by translating for refugees. What are more ways people can help refugees?