Symphony Orchestra: Brass Instruments

Brass instruments are made of brass. Brass is a bright, yellow metal. These instruments have long tubes. One end has a mouthpiece. The other end has a bell-shaped opening.

To play a brass instrument, a musician presses their lips together. Then they put their mouth on the mouthpiece. They blow, and make their lips buzz against the mouthpiece. This causes the air in the instrument to move back and forth very quickly. The moving air goes through the long tubes. Then sound comes out of the bell-shaped end.

Brass instruments can make very loud sounds! A group of musicians play brass instruments in a symphony orchestra. Brass instruments make the loudest sounds in a symphony orchestra.

Trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas are brass instruments. They are played in an orchestra. In the brass group, the trumpet makes the highest sound. This is because it has the shortest tube. The tuba makes the lowest sound. It has a long, big tube!