Why the Spider Has Eight Long, Skinny Legs

This is a story told in Africa about Anansi, the clever spider.

Rabbit was cooking greens. He invited Anansi to eat. Anansi liked to eat. But he did not like to help cook.

Anansi told Rabbit, “Tie one end of my web to your pot. I will tie the other end to one of my legs. Tug on the web when the food is ready. I will return.”

Anansi saw Monkey, Hog, and Squirrel. He saw Hare, Mouse, Turtle, and Fox. They all were cooking. They all invited him to eat.

Anansi had eight legs. He tied one leg to each animal’s pot. “Tug when the food is ready,” he told all eight animals.

Soon, Anansi felt eight pulls. Tug, tug, tug, tug, tug, tug, tug, tug! The food was ready!

Anansi ate a lot. He was happy. But the tugs made his legs long and skinny!