Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia, and it lies in the western part of the country. Around 12 million people live in Moscow, making it the most populous city in Russia. This population is very high because many people move to Moscow to find jobs. During the 1990s, there was a great deal of economic growth and, as a result, more jobs were brought into the economy. In this ten-year period, the number of people living in Moscow grew from 8 million people to 10 million people!

Moscow had not always been so prosperous. In 1812, almost all of Moscow was destroyed after a horrific fire spread throughout most of the city. Thankfully, many of the stone buildings survived the fire, so we are still able to see them today.

A famous building in Moscow is the Kremlin, which is where the president of Russia lives. Many roads in Moscow circle around the Kremlin, making it the center of the city. Many people like to visit the Kremlin because it is an important historical building. Another place people like to visit is the St. Basil’s Cathedral. Like the Kremlin, it is located on the outskirts of the Red Square. It is known for its vivid color and its twisting domes. While it once served as a church with frequent religious services, St. Basil’s Cathedral now only holds a few masses per year and instead primarily serves as a museum.

Theatres in Moscow are also tourist attractions. One of the most revolutionary actors, Constantin Stanislavski, was born in Moscow and later founded the Moscow Art Theatre. This theatre is now regarded as one of the best theatres in the world. Stanislavski is also famous for developing a new method of acting. He believed that actors and actresses could make their characters seem more realistic if they relied on their five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. Stanislavski thought that this method would allow the actors and actresses to feel the emotions of their characters.