The Ganges River

To many people in India, which is located in Asia, the water of the Ganges River is special. To followers of the Hindu religion, the Ganges is a holy river. Poets have written poems and songs about it. Sculptors have carved fountains and statues to honor it.

Many Indians call the Ganges River “Mother Ganges.” They use this name because the river brings life to dry lands. Each year, the dry season comes. It turns everything to dust. The Ganges River, however, still has water in it.

The river also brings life to the people in the country of Bangladesh. This is where the Ganges River’s mouth is found. As the great river approaches its end near the Indian Ocean, it breaks into many small waterways. The water slows, and it drops the silt it has been carrying. The silt piles up at the mouth of the Ganges and forms a wedge of land called a delta.