Vincent’s Drawing

Vincent was excited. He loved to draw. And today was drawing day at school!

“Draw whatever you want,” said his teacher. “Later, you will share your pictures.”

Vincent had just visited his family in the Philippines. He saw an amazing animal there. He wanted to draw a picture of that animal. Everyone would love it!

Soon, it was time to share. Brianna went first. Her picture was of a shining sun. Justin was next. He drew a blue racing car. Latoya’s drawing showed a forest with many, many trees.

Now it was Vincent’s turn. He stood up. Everyone looked at him. He held up his drawing.

“Is it a black bus?” Lily asked.

“It looks like a dragon,” said JT.

“No, it’s a bird!” called Harry.

Vincent was upset. No one knew what his picture showed.

Then Rizza raised her hand. “Is it a carabao?” she asked.

“Yes, it is!” Vincent said. He was smiling.

Rizza smiled too. “I saw one when I was in the Philippines.”

“Me too!”

Vincent sat down. He took out his crayons. He drew himself and Rizza riding on the carabao. They were laughing and having fun.