On the Swings

Colby and his older sister, Ana, love to swing. At their school’s playground, there is a swing set. Colby and Ana always play on the swing set at recess.

When they get to the swing set, Colby gets on the swing. It’s Ana’s turn to push Colby. First, Ana grabs the swing in her hands. Then, she pulls it back as far as she can. Finally, she pushes the swing with all her strength. The swing goes high in the air!

When it’s Ana’s turn to swing, Colby pushes her lightly. The swing does not go very high. Ana asks Colby to push harder. She wants to go higher! Colby uses all of his energy to push Ana as hard as he can. The swing goes high in the air!

Colby and Ana take turns pushing each other on the swing until it’s time to go back inside. They can’t wait to swing again the next day!