Immigrants in U.S. Cities

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, millions of immigrants entered the United States. They came from different countries. They wanted to make new, better lives for themselves. Most of them came through New York City. And many of them ended up in large cities. Why did they stay in these large cities?

Many immigrants wanted to find jobs. In big cities like New York City, there were more chances for work. Some immigrants found jobs working with clothing. For example, some of them became tailors or shoemakers. Others found jobs working mostly outdoors. They dug ditches or chopped wood.

Immigrants usually were not paid well, and they often had to work long hours. Still, many immigrants stayed in these larger cities. They met people from their home country who had come to the United States before them. They were able to speak their native language and practice their religion. They could celebrate their traditions together.

Today, we celebrate the many contributions these immigrants made to their new country.