Super Foxes

Did you know that foxes have super powers?

Red foxes have super hearing. They can hear a clock ticking 40 yards away. They can hear mice squeaking under the snow from very far away. The red fox’s sense of hearing helps it catch dinner, even in the wintertime.

The foxes’ ears do more than hear. The fennec fox, who lives in the hot desert, has large ears. The fennec foxes’ ears give off heat to cool its body. The arctic fox, who lives in a very cold climate, has tiny ears. These tiny ears do not give off much heat and help the fox to keep its body warm.

Foxes have super tails that have many uses. Their thick tails help with balance, much like the way cats use their tails. Foxes also use their bushy tails like a blanket to keep warm. Finally, foxes use their tails to send messages. When a fox sees its family, it wags its tail.