Have you been bowling? In bowling, you roll a ball towards a bunch of pins. The goal is to try to knock down as many pins as you can. Usually, there are ten pins. If you knock all of them down in one try, it’s called a strike. Professional bowlers get lots of strikes. If they get all strikes for the whole game, they get 300 points! That is called a Perfect Game!

Bowling has changed a lot over the years. Many years ago, people made bowling balls out of wood. They had to set up the pins every time they fell over. They would keep score with a pencil and paper.

Now, many things have changed. Bowling balls are no longer made of wood. They are made of different materials. Many bowling balls are made of plastic. The balls can be many different colors. People play in a bowling alley. Bowling lanes have machines that set up the pins. Computers keep score.

Have you been to a bowling alley?