Chickens of the World

Chickens are one of the most well-known birds in the world. That may be because there are so many of them. Imagine this: there are more chickens than people in the world! Amazingly, there are over 150 different kinds, or breeds, of chickens. Chickens come in many different sizes and colors. Let’s meet a few chicken breeds.

One of the most common chicken breeds is the Rhode Island Red. This chicken gets its name from its color and where it was developed. The Rhode Island Red is known to be happy. This chicken makes a great backyard pet.

Some breeds have funny names, such as the Silver Spangled Hamburg. This chicken breed is white with black stripes and dots. It also has blue legs. This polka-dotted chicken is a bit shy.

The Frizzle chicken breed has feathers that twist and curl away from the chicken’s body. The Frizzle rooster has long, curly feathers around its neck and on its tail. The Frizzle hen has shorter, curly feathers. And the Frizzle chick is not a fluffy yellow, like many chicks. This chick has little curly feathers like its mom and dad. This chicken is peace-loving.