Humans’ Best Friends

Who is your best friend? For many of us, it’s our dog. Dogs make wonderful pets because they love people. And with over 300 different kinds of dogs, there are many kinds of best friends to choose from.

There are many different breeds, or kinds of dogs. When people want to know more about a dog, they often ask, “What is the breed?” A breed is like a family of dogs. All dogs in a breed have the same kind of mother and father dog. The most popular breed is the Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retriever puppies have parent dogs that are also Labrador Retrievers.

Some people would love to have the world’s smallest dog. Those people would like chihuahuas (chi-wa-was). These dogs are tiny, and only weigh six pounds. But they have big personalities! Chihuahuas like attention. They love to sit in their owners’ laps. The world’s largest dog is the Great Dane. This dog might not fit in laps, but it has a place in its owners’ hearts. It is known as a gentle giant and likes to be around children.

Sometimes parent dogs from different breeds have a puppy. When this happens, the puppy is called a mixed-breed or a mutt. A mutt will often act like both its different parents. It might look like both its parents, too. A well-known mutt is Old Yeller from the book and movie Old Yeller. The dog that played Old Yeller in the movie was named Spike in real life. His parents were a Labrador Retriever and another large dog called a Mastiff.

Which breed of dog would you want for your best friend?