Birds: Animals with Feathers

Birds are animals with feathers and wings. All birds have a backbone. It is also called a spine. Birds have many hollow bones. Hollow bones have empty space inside. They make a bird’s body lighter. That helps birds to fly.

All birds have wings and legs. Most birds use their wings to fly. A few birds, like penguins, cannot fly. They use their legs to walk, run, or hop.

Birds lay eggs in their nests. The egg shells are hard. Birds keep the eggs warm. How? They sit on them until the eggs hatch! Then the mother bird takes care of its baby birds or chicks.

Birds can survive in all kinds of habitats. You can find them in hot places like deserts and in the coldest places on Earth like the Arctic.

Birds are also known for their songs. Songs are one way that birds communicate. Birds sing to find a mate. Their songs also let other birds know that a certain place belongs to them.

Many people love birds and enjoy looking for them in trees. But when humans cut down too many trees, birds lose their homes. Protecting trees is important so that we can protect birds’ habitats.