For the Love of Dogs

People love dogs. We have millions of real dogs as pets. In fact, we love dogs so much that we have created many imaginary dogs, too. Imaginary dogs come to life in books, comics, and movies.

Dogs have been stars in many children’s books. A humongous red hound named Clifford is the star of the book Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Children around the world love this gentle giant. Dog-Man, a crime-fighting hero, is the star of a new book series, Dog-Man. Kids love that Dog-Man knows what is right and wrong.

Dogs have been the stars of several comic strips, too. The most famous beagle in the world is Snoopy, a main character in the comic strip Peanuts. Everyone loves how Snoopy sleeps on top of his doghouse. Scooby Doo, a Great Dane, solves mysteries in the comic strip named after him. Kids love Scooby Doo because he thinks he’s human, and he even talks.

Dogs have become movie stars, too. One of the most famous dogs in movies is a slobbering St. Bernard in the movie Beethoven. Even though Beethoven is always getting into trouble, his family loves him. Some movies are based on a book, such as Old Yeller, a story about a strong bond between a dog and a young boy. Kids love Old Yeller because he is so loyal to Travis and his family.

In books, comics, and movies, dogs make us laugh and cry, just like our real-life pets do. Do you have a favorite imaginary dog?