Breakfast in Turkey: Sucuk and Eggs

Have you ever had sausage and eggs for breakfast? In Turkey, it is a very popular breakfast dish. Turkish sausage is called sucuk (soo-JOOK), and it is famous for being spicy. Sucuk is made from ground beef and spices. Some of the spices used to make sucuk are red pepper, cumin, and garlic. There are many different types of sucuk. Some are mild, while others are so spicy that people cry when they eat them.

Sucuk tastes delicious when paired with eggs. When people want to eat sucuk for breakfast, they start by frying sucuk slices until they are crispy. Then people crack eggs on top of the sucuk. The yellow yolks of the eggs break on top of the sucuk. People love to dip bread into the yolks. Does this dish sound like something you would want to eat for breakfast?