Big Brother’s Birthday

Diego was Mia’s big brother. He read her stories. He walked her to school. He played with her. He was the best big brother ever!

Tomorrow was Diego’s birthday. Mia wanted to make it special. But she was too little to plan a party. She didn’t know how to bake a cake. What could she do?

Then Mia had an idea. She could make a papel picado. That was a paper banner of many colors. A banner would make Diego smile!

Mia found craft paper. First, she folded the paper many times. Then, she used scissors to cut shapes into the paper. When Mia unfolded the pieces of paper, each one looked like a giant snowflake!

Mia found yarn and tape. She taped the papers to the yarn. The next day, Papi hung the banner high on the wall.

“Happy birthday, Diego!!” Mia shouted when Diego came home from school.

Diego had a very happy birthday. Mia was happy, too!