Architecture Is All Around

Take a walk down the street. What do you see?

You may see tall buildings with offices or apartments. You may see houses of different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you see stores or a school. Maybe you even see a museum.

All of these buildings had to be designed by an architect. An architect is someone who designs buildings. The architect plans out what the building will look like. That includes planning the building’s size and shape. It also includes picking the materials the building will be made with. All of this has to be done while making sure that the building will be safe and will stay standing.

The architect thinks about how the building will be used when it’s finished. They also have to think about the things that are around the planned building. Are there other buildings nearby? What do they look like? Is it a very windy area? What is the ground like? These can all affect the way a new structure is designed.

Architects put a lot of thought and hard work into the structures they design. Their work is all around you. So the next time you walk into a building, stop and thank the architect!