Lost in the Neighborhood

It was a hot, sunny day. KJ wanted to go to the store to get ice cream. He was too young to go by himself, though. Mommy was sleeping. His big sister Kadija said she would take him there. She was in first grade, a year older than he was. She was sure she knew the way. The two kids walked out the front door.

“Hold my hand,” Kadija said. So KJ held her hand. He felt safer that way.

They walked past Mrs. Glover’s place. She lived across the street. Her laundry was hanging on the clothesline. Mrs. Glover was out in front.

Mrs. Glover waved. The kids kept walking.

Soon they came to the corner. Kadija told KJ, “We turn here. This is the way to school.”

KJ nodded. They kept walking.

“Now we turn again,” Kadija said. “We have to stay away from Leon’s pitbull.”

KJ did not see or hear the dog. But he nodded anyway. The kids turned another corner.

Soon, Kadija stopped. She looked around. After a minute, she said, “I think we are lost.”

KJ started to cry. But then they both saw something red moving between the buildings. It was Mrs. Glover’s dress! It was flapping in the wind.

“We just went around the block!” Kadija said. “I know how to get home. Let’s go back. Next time, we will wait for a grown up.”

They walked back home. Mrs. Glover was standing at her window. This time, the kids stopped and waved.