Twin Tricks

Raya and Letitia are sisters. They are alike in many ways. They both have brown eyes. They both have dark hair. They are the same size. Even their birthdays are the same. Can you guess why? They are twins!

The girls can confuse people. Some people look at Raya and call her Letitia. Some look at Letitia and call her Raya.

Once, the twins played a trick on their parents at dinner. Raya pretended to be Letitia. And Letitia pretended to be Raya.

“Raya, come sit here,” Dad said. Letitia sat near her Dad. Dad had no idea.

“Letitia, finish your veggies,” Mom said. Raya ate more vegetables. Mom had no idea.

But Mom and Dad had a secret. They knew how to tell Raya from Letitia.

After dinner, Mom said, “Time for dessert! I have your favorites.”

Mom put a snack that looked like the moon in front of Raya. “Hopia for Letitia.” And she put mango slices in front of Letitia. “And mangga for Raya!”

Raya and Letitia looked at the desserts. They both got upset. “I want the other one!” they both said.

Mom smiled. “Aha! You’re Raya! And you’re Letitia!” she said.

Both girls nodded. Mom switched their desserts. The girls were happy again.

They were twins. But each girl had something that was just hers!