The Best Argentinian Cookies

One famous type of South American cookie is called un alfajor. Alfajores are sandwich cookies. They are especially popular in Argentina. In Argentina, the cookies are small and round. They melt in your mouth.

These cookies are stuck together with dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is similar to caramel. It is made with sweet milk and sugar. Some people buy dulce de leche to make their alfajores. Others make their own! They heat up a special type of milk called condensed milk. Condensed milk is sweeter and thicker than regular milk. They add sugar and cinnamon to make a thick, caramel sauce.

Once the dulce de leche is ready, some people add more ingredients! They can dip the alfajores in dark chocolate. Others cover them with powdered sugar. Some are even covered with coconut flakes.

Which type of alfajores would you like the most?