Ready for a Pet

Kim wanted a pet. “Please, Mommy, can I get a dog?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” her mom said. “Taking care of a dog is a lot of work! You must wash and feed it. You have to walk and train it. I’m not sure you are ready.” 

But Kim felt like she was ready. She wondered how to show that to her mom.

She watched Mommy. Mommy did a lot to take care of things.

Mommy folded clothes for the family. So, Kim folded her clothes and put them away.

Mommy washed dishes. So, Kim rubbed her dish with soap and water after every meal.

Mommy went to work every day. So, Kim remembered to do her homework every night.

Mommy twisted and oiled Kim’s locks every night. Then she wrapped a scarf around Kim’s head. So, Kim twisted her own curls before Mommy came to help her.

Kim’s mom saw the changes. “I think you may be ready for a pet,” she told Kim. “Let’s talk about what you will need to learn.” 

Kim was so happy she felt like jumping up and down on the sofa. But she never saw Mommy jump on the furniture. So, she hugged Mommy instead. Then Kim said, “Yay! I think I am ready, too.”