Tigers in Trouble

Wild tigers are in trouble. They could soon become extinct, which means there will be no tigers left. In only 100 years, the number of tigers in the world has dropped from 100,000 to only 3,200.

Two major threats are wiping out the big cats. One threat is that tigers’ habitat is disappearing. People are cutting down trees for paper and other products. Fewer trees mean less room for tigers to live and find food. The other threat is poaching, which is illegal hunting. In Asia, poachers are hunting wild tigers for their fur, meat and bones.

World leaders are working on the tiger population problem. They have a plan to help save the big cats. The plan helps people learn about the dangers to tigers’ habitat. The plan also blocks poachers from national wildlife parks. Finally, the plan works to prevent people from buying tiger fur and bones. Without these threats from humans, we can help the tiger population grow again.