How Alaska Natives Live

Some people have lived in Alaska for a long time. These people are Alaska Natives. Different Alaska Native peoples have their own language and traditions. All of them learned how to live in Alaska’s cold weather.

Alaska is very cold for a lot of the year. Alaska Natives use things in their habitat to survive.

Sometimes during the winter, some Alaska Natives make houses out of snow and ice. It is very warm inside these houses.

Many Alaska Natives fish and hunt for food. They hunt animals like seals, salmon, and moose. Alaska Natives make warm clothes from the animal fur and skin. They also gather berries and seaweed for food.

In the past, Alaska Natives used dog sleds to travel and hunt. These dogs pulled the sleds across the icy, snowy ground. Today, dog sleds are used by Alaska Natives for hunting trips. Racing dog sleds is also a popular sport in Alaska.