The Moons in Our Solar System

What is a moon? A moon is an object in space that travels around a planet, dwarf planet, or asteroid. Our solar system has more than 200 moons. One of them is Earth’s moon. You have probably seen Earth’s moon up in the night sky. But there are many more moons farther away from Earth.

Some planets have more than one moon. Jupiter is one of these planets. Jupiter has 79 moons! One of its moons is called Europa. Scientists find this moon very interesting. They are almost certain that Europa has a huge, salty ocean under its icy surface. Some scientists believe this ocean might contain living things! They hope to use spacecrafts to drill into Europa’s surface and reach its ocean.

Not all moons are round. Some have unusual shapes. Saturn has lots of moons, and many of them are not shaped like a ball. Some of them look like ravioli!

There are two planets that do not even have any moons. They are Mercury and Venus.