Mammals: Animals with Hair

There are so many different types of mammals. Dogs, cats, elephants, and even whales are mammals. You’re a mammal, too! That’s right, humans are mammals.

How are mammals alike? Mammals are living creatures that have a backbone, also known as a spine. They grow hair on their bodies, which we often call fur. Mammals can live in every habitat. But most mammals live on land, while some live in water.

Most mammals give birth to live babies. Mothers make milk to feed their babies. Young mammals learn how to survive from their parents.

Mammals use different ways to communicate, or talk, to each other. Dogs communicate by barking and wagging their tails. Some cats meow, others roar. Humans use language to talk.

Humans and other mammals share the same habitat. People often use the habitat of other mammals to build their homes. This can endanger the mammals because they won’t have a place to live. When we protect the habitat of other mammals, they will have a home of their own, too.