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Family Makes Friends and Memories on World Trip

Many families take their children on vacation. They will usually travel for a few days or weeks during school breaks. But Julie and Tim Rivenbark planned a longer vacation with their two children – the Rivenbark family is on a one-year trip around the world. They plan to visit 30 countries in all.

Right now, the four travellers are about halfway through their trip. Ms. Rivenbark says they are trying to see as much of the world as they can.

She says “We have been through Europe, southern Africa, now we are kind of working our way through Asia. So we have been to a bunch of big cities, like Dubai, Johannesburg, Rome and Bangkok.”

The family has also spent time floating in kayaks in Italy, flying in hot air balloons in Myanmar, hiking to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal and going on safari in South Africa.

Eleven-year old Tyler says he has enjoyed learning about the people they have met.

His sister, 9-year-old Kara, discovered that she liked Thai food.

Ms. Rivenbark says that the extended trip teaches the children a lot more than short visits would have.

“I think that the longer that we travel, the more impact it has on how they see the world. I can see them changing more than they can see themselves.”

The Rivenbarks will continue to head east for the next six months.