Brazilian Steakhouses

Brazil has some of the best meat in the world! There are many steakhouses in Brazil. Brazilian steakhouses are restaurants that have lots of different meat. Brazilian steakhouses are called “churrascarias.” The term for barbecue in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, is “churrasco.”

In a Brazilian steakhouse, chefs grill the meat using long skewers. Then waiters bring large skewers of meat over to the guests’ tables. Generally, there are no menus at this restaurant. Guests can signal to the waiter when they want more meat or side dishes. Each table has a red and green cube. When you put the green side up, waiters bring more meat. When you put the red side up, waiters know to stop bringing meat. Most of these restaurants are all-you-can eat! You will not leave hungry!

In Brazil, people go to steakhouses to celebrate special events. They spend time there with family and friends. Brazilians have brought this tradition to the United States.

Do you like steak? Do you think you would enjoy a Brazilian steakhouse?