How Do Avocados Grow in Mexico?

An avocado is a berry fruit. An avocado has green or dark green skin. Many people eat the yellow inside of avocados. Avocados are creamy. They are good for you, too.

Avocados grow on trees. Avocado trees grow in places with warm weather. One of these places is Mexico. Avocados are used in lots of Mexican food. For example, they are used to make guacamole.

In Mexico, avocados grow all year round! There are many avocado farms in Mexico. Farm workers use poles to pick avocados off the trees.

What does an avocado need to grow?

First, it needs good soil. An avocado starts out as a large seed. The seed falls or is put into soil. Mexico has good soil for growing avocados.

The avocado seed needs lots of sun and water to grow. Mexico has lots of sunny days. Mexico also gets lots of rain on other days.

Mexico is a perfect place to grow avocado trees!