“talk shit about ~”の意味と使い方




① To say something insulting or rude about another person, either to their face or behind their back.(直接または陰で他の人に関して侮辱的なことや失礼なことを言うこと。)
② To make a statement that is exaggerated or flat-out untrue.(誇張されていたり事実と異なる発言をすること。)
③ To say something negative behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face.(直接言えないので陰で否定的なことを言うこと)


1.) She likes to talk a lot of shit when she gets drunk, “That guy is a fucking creepy stalker”, when all the guy did was try to start up a conversation with her.

2.) “I can skate so ill, I did a 50/50 to a frontside boardside and landed doing a manual” or “My cousin’s best friend in high school was Tony Hawk, and one day I met him and we chiefed some killer bud together!”…statement made my a poser “skater” who can barely do an ollie while in place on a skate.

3.) “She’s such a whore”, said in a serious way, by a girl who is actually good friends with another girl who just happens to be dating a guy she kind of liked; a comment made out of flat-out jealousy or envy.