The Most Dangerous Fish?

What is the most dangerous fish in the sea? The great white shark? Surprisingly, it is not. Even though the great white is known to attack humans, it would much rather eat a tasty sea lion. In fact, a great white shark is more likely to eat another great white than a person.

A newborn great white is called a pup. When it is born, it is already as long as a bicycle. Its mother does not take care of her pup. She might even try to eat it. So the pup has to swim off and take care of itself. Many pups do not survive their first year.

Even if the great white shark is not the most dangerous fish, it is still pretty scary. It has about 300 sharp, pointy teeth arranged in seven rows. With its powerful jaws, a great white will mostly attack large sea mammals, such as small whales, seals, and sea lions. With its amazing sense of smell, the great white can sniff out sea lions that are two miles away.

So if the great white isn’t the most dangerous fish in the sea, which ones are? The puffer fish and box jellyfish. Look them up!