What Is the Milky Way?

What is a galaxy? A galaxy is a large group of stars, dust, and gas. Gravity holds a galaxy together. Galaxies come in all different shapes and sizes.

Our sun and all the planets around it are in one galaxy. This galaxy is called the Milky Way Galaxy. All the stars humans can see are in the Milky Way. When it is very dark outside, the stars, dust, and gas all together look like a milky band of light. That’s why people call it the Milky Way Galaxy.

How many stars are in the Milky Way? It is hard to count all the stars. Astronomers think there are about 100 billion stars in our galaxy. That’s a lot of stars!

The Milky Way is only one galaxy. There are billions of galaxies in the universe. There are many more galaxies out there than we can even see!