Lost and Found

“Bombón is gone!” Verónica cried. Her pet hamster was missing.

“Let’s be quiet. Maybe we will hear him,” said Mami.

Verónica and Mami stayed very quiet. Then…

Squeak. The sound came from inside the wall!

No one had seen the small hole in the wall till now. No one except Bombón. Now he was lost inside!

Verónica remembered her first day in the city. They had just moved to a new place. She had felt lost, too. But then Papi cooked Veronica’s favorite food, tamales. The smell was so good. It made the new apartment smell like home.

Verónica knew what to do. She put Bombón’s favorite treat by the hole. She waited.

First, a nose peeked out. Then Bombón popped out! He ran to sniff his treat.

Verónica scooped him up. “I knew you would find your way home!”